How to Post an Instagram Photo to Facebook with the Full Picture

by Joshua Phillips

When you sync your Instagram account to your Facebook Timeline, posting a photo to Instagram will also post the full photo to your Facebook account. By syncing the two services together, you can make sure your friends are always in the loop no matter what service they prefer. Outside of some very minor changes, the process is similar on both the iOS and Android versions of the Instagram app. Additionally, you can only sync your Facebook account to Instagram using the Instagram app and not via the Instagram website.

Open your Instagram profile in the Instagram app.

Open the "Options" screen by tapping either the icon of three horizontal dots in the Android app or the icon of a sun in the iOS app.

Tap the "Share Settings" row in the Preferences section of the application.

Tap the "Facebook" row in the Share Settings menu.

Enter your Facebook username and password to sign in to the service. Tap the "OK" button to sync the two services together.

Tap the "Facebook" icon when uploading a picture to Instagram to also upload that picture to your Facebook Timeline at the same time you upload it to Instagram.


  • You can also sync your Instagram account to other social networking websites, such as Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr, by following the above steps and then choosing and signing into the desired network.


  • Information in this article applies to Instagram version 4.2 on iOS and 4.1.2 on Android.

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