How to Program a Dish Network Remote Control to Operate Your TV

by Adrian Grahams

The remote control handset for your Dish Network satellite TV receiver can act as a universal remote control that will also operate certain functions on your TV set, including the volume control and changing channels. To program your Dish Network remote handset to control your TV set, point the remote at the TV set, and then enter the correct three- or four-digit remote code.

Find the correct three- or four-digit remote code for your make and model of TV set. Find this in the TV's user manual or the support section of the TV manufacturer's website.

Point the Dish Network remote control handset at the TV set. Press and hold down the "TV" key until all four indicators at the top of the remote light up.

Enter the three- or four-digit remote code for your TV on the remote's numeric keypad. If you're using the TV set in "Aux" mode to view the output from a connected external device, press the "0" key before entering the code. For example, if your TV code is "123," enter "0123" instead. The "TV" indicator lights up on the Dish Network remote.

Press the "#" key on the remote. The "TV" indicator light at the top of the remote flashes three times.

Press the red "Power" button on the remote control. The TV set should switch off, indicating that the Dish Network remote now operates the TV set.


  • You can also set up the Dish Network remote control to operate your Blu-ray, DVD and VCR equipment with the correct three- or four-digit remote codes.

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