How to Program a Remote Control From DirecTV

by David Lipscomb

Your DirecTV service provides hundreds of crisp digital channels. However, the satellite receiver is not the only device in your entertainment system. Rather than keeping a coffee table full of remotes, use the DirecTV remote to control the box, television, home theater receiver, DVD player and your other devices. You pair the remote with each device in your rack using a specific code. Perform the programming in the room with the unit so you can view the on-screen directions.

Turn on the television and DirecTV satellite tuner. Set the television to the correct input so you can view the on-screen instructions.

Press "Menu" on the remote control. Scroll down the list and select "Parental, Fav's & Setup." Press "Select."

Scroll down the following list, selecting "System Setup." Highlight "Remote," then press the "Select" button on the remote.

Note the on-screen prompt telling you to select the type of device you want to control. Highlight the appropriate choice and press the "Select" button to confirm.

Select the specific type of component from the resulting "Product" list, whether DVD, Stereo, VCR or Other. Choose your brand from the "Brand" list next.

Note the codes displayed on the upper right of the screen. These represent all of the possible choices for your product and brand. Follow the on-screen directions to pair the DirecTV remote to the new device. Click "Done" when the process is complete.


  • You can perform a code scan for more obscure devices, or if the conventional procedure does not work as intended. Note that this process might take up to 30 minutes to complete.
  • If you perform the conventional steps and a device scan without results, you may have a device that is incompatible with the DirecTV remote.

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