How to Put a Link for Email Addresses in a Graphic Tag for AOL Emails

by Chad Davis

Add style to your email by inserting images and hyperlinks into the body of your messages. Most email clients support custom HTML formatting when drafting a new email message. AOL Mail enables you to create a custom signatures that you can automatically insert into your email. You can insert an image into your signature and create a mailto hyperlink surrounding the image. As a result, clicking the image will compose a new email message to the embedded mailto email address. Access your AOL Mail Settings to create a custom HTML email signature to insert into new messages.

Open a Web browser on your computer and navigate to the AOL Mail homepage (link in Resources). Enter your AOL account information into the "Username or Email" and "Password" fields, then click "Sign In."

Click "Options" under your username, then click "Mail Settings" from the drop-down menu.

Click "Compose" from the sidebar. Click "No Signature" under the Rich Text / HTML section, then click "Use Signature."

Enter "<a href="">" into the text box (without the surrounding quotes) and replace "" with the email address you want to create a mailto hyperlink for.

Enter "<img src=""></a>" into the text box after the previous code (without the surrounding quotes) replacing "" with the image URL you want to embed in your signature.

Scroll down and click the "Save Settings" button to save the changes to your signature.

Click "Back to Mail," then click the "Email" button to compose a new message. The bottom of your email body will include your customized signature with an image linked to your email address.


  • Use an image that will complement the width of an email message. It is recommended that you do not use images wider than the width of the email message body. Images that are hosted on other websites may change without notice or be removed from the hosting site. Make sure you use a graphic that will maintain its location and accessibility on the Web.
  • Remove your signature from a specific message by simply highlighting your signature in the message body and pressing "Delete" on your keyboard.


  • Some email clients will block HTML content such as images from automatically being displayed in received email messages. It's also possible that an image file size may be too large for an email clients to download and could be removed entirely from your message depending on the recipient's email provider setting.


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