If You Put Your iPod Into a Different Computer, Will It Erase All Your Songs?

by Sophie Southern

Apple's iPod was introduced in 2001 as a portable digital music player and has since evolved into a multi-model, multimedia device. As of February 2011, Apple manufactures four iPod models: iPod Classic, iPod Touch, iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle. iPods are designed to work seamlessly with iTunes, which is Apple's digital music software . You can organize your iPod, import music and change your settings through iTunes. It is possible to lose your iPod contents during syncing if you don't pay close attention to your iTunes and device settings.


You can import music, movies, TV shows, photos, podcasts and even apps - depending on the model you have - from your computer to your iPod. Apple's iTunes software is specifically designed to work with iPods and is available for both Mac and Windows. When you plug your iPod into your computer, iTunes should automatically open and display your iPod's "Summary" window. Click the green "Appy" button to sync your iPod each time you make changes.

Automatic Updating Advantages

iPods come with an automatic updating feature that transfers all of the music and playlists from your iTunes library to your iPod. Automatic updating is convenient because you do not have to remember to import a music or playlist to your iPod each time you add to your iTunes library. If you keep your entire music library on your iPod, automatic updating may be a practical choice for you.

Automatic Updating Disadvantages

The disadvantage of automatic updating is that if the contents of your iTunes library do not match the contents of your iPod, the contents of your iPod will be erased and replaced with your iTunes library. If you have automatic updating turned on and try to connect your iPod to a different computer, all of the contents of your iPod will be erased and replaced with the contents of that computer's iTunes library.

Manual Management

You can turn on the "Manually manage song and playlists" feature, which essentially disables the automatic update. You will have to manually import songs and playlists from your iTunes library to your iPod by dragging and dropping. When you enable the manual management function, you can connect your iPod to multiple computers and drag and drop to add music. The contents of your iPod will not be erased. To turn on the manual management feature, plug your iPod into your computer and open iTunes. Click the device icon for your iPod in the left menu bar, then click the "Summary" tab. Scroll down and check the "Manually manage songs and playlists" box. sync your iPod to apply changes.

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