How to Put Ringtones on an iPhone Without iTunes

by Marissa Robert

There are plenty of ways to customize your iPhone; one of them is changing your ringer to a ringtone of your favorite music. Although you can purchase ringtones for your iPhone using the iTunes app on the phone, there are other apps that allow you to make ringtones from your existing music or download ringtones online. A quick search of the App Store on the iPhone displays several ringtone apps you can use.

Searching for Ringtones Apps

Launch the App Store on your iPhone.

Enter a search term for a ringtone app in the search field. Something like "ringtones" brings up a list of ringtone apps.

Click "Buy" next to the app you want to download and allow it to install. Enter your Apple ID when prompted to do so.

Ringtone Apps

Select ringtones on your iPhone using the 1,001 Ringtones app. It offers you over a thousand sounds and rings to choose to customize your contact rings and other alert tones. The sounds and ringtones are listed in alphabetical order. Listen to a preview; select one and the application emails it to you. The Lite version of this application is available in the App Store free and offers you 250 of the ringtones.

Create ringtones with the Ringtone Maker app. This app allows you to crop existing MP3 and M4A files on your iPhone into ringtones for your texts, tweets, alerts, email, calendars and reminders, as well as for your contacts. Select a song; adjust the length of your ringtone and indicate where in the song you want it to begin and the fading options. Tap the button with the disc icon on it to save your ringtone on your iPhone. Ringtone Maker is available free in the App Store.

Record unlimited numbers of ringtones with the Ringtones #1 app. With this app, you can cut music already on your iPhone into ringtones, but you can also record your friends' voices or other sounds. You can also choose ringtones from an existing library. Save and back up those ringtones onto the iCloud or iTunes. Ringtones #1 is available free in the App Store.

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