How to Read the New American Standard Bible Updated Edition Online

by David Nield
You can find the Bible available online in a variety of translations.

You can find the Bible available online in a variety of translations.

As of July 2013, the New American Standard Bible can be found in full on three major websites. Bible Gateway, Bible Study Tools and Literal Word all enable you to browse through the NASB book by book or search for specific chapters and verses, free of charge. Summaries, study notes and sharing tools also are available on these sites.

Bible Gateway

Bible Gateway launched in 1993 and offers the full text of the Bible in many translations, as well as advanced search features, commentaries on specific sections of text and reading plans. Open the Bible Gateway site and you can select the "New American Standard Bible" option from the drop-down menu at the top; with this done, enter a verse or chapter reference in the search input box or select "Bible Book List" to see a full list of available books from which to pick.

Bible Study Tools

The Bible Study Tools portal offers the scriptures in more than 30 versions and offers a variety of other resources, including regular newsletters, commentaries, Bible dictionaries and the option to bookmark verses. From the front page of Bible Study Tools website, select the "Browse the Bible" drop-down menu then select whichever translation is currently selected. This will bring up another menu in which you can choose the "New American Standard" version. Use the list of books or the search box to find the passages you're interested in reading.

Literal Word

Literal Word is specifically designed without frames or advertising to focus on the Bible itself. To access the New American Standard version of the Bible, select the "NASB" link in the upper right corner of the site's front page. You can then enter a passage or word to search for, or choose "Contents" to see a list of all the available books. The English Standard Version (ESV) translation is also available on Literal Word.

About the NASB Updated Edition

The New American Standard translation of the Bible is an updated version of the American Standard version first published in 1901. The work of the NASB was carried out by the Lockman Foundation, a nonprofit focused on literal translations of God's holy word. The first NASB was published in 1971, with a succession of minor updates culminating in the most recent 1995 version. This 1995 version is the one in use by Bible Gateway, Bible Study Tools and Literal Word as of July 2013.

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