How to Reboot iPhone if Pressing Power+Home Buttons Failed

by David Lipscomb

Your iPhone is a workhorse, placing your multimedia content and business applications in the palm of your hand. What you might forget is that, although it's considered a phone, it's really a small computer. Like all computers, your iPhone can occasionally lock up or slow down. The problem might just be a quirky app slowing things down, requiring you to manually close it. If a reset in which you press the On/Off and Home buttons simultaneously fails, restore your iPhone to its factory settings.

Problematic Apps

Tap the Home button to return to your home screen. Double-tap the "Home" button to open the multitasking bar.

Tap and hold one of the apps until all the apps begin to jiggle.

Tap the "-" symbol in the red dot to close the app. Repeat for all the apps in your multitasking bar.

Delete a suspected problem app by tapping on the app icon or the folder the app is contained in. Tap and hold the suspect app until the black and white "X" appears on the icon's corner. Tap the "X" to delete the app. You can download it again or sync it to the iPhone later if you choose.

Factory Restore

Connect your iPhone to your computer using the dock cable. Wait a few seconds for your computer to recognize the device and open iTunes.

Right-click on the name of your iPhone, which is located in the "Devices" list. Click "Back Up." Wait for the backup process to complete.

Click on the "Summary" tab. Click the "Restore" button. If you forgot to back your iPhone up, iTunes will ask you again at this point. Click "Restore" in the next window to confirm your choice.

Wait for the process to finish. Follow the Setup Assistant instructions to complete the restoration.

Right click on the name of your iPhone in the "Devices" list. Click "Restore from Backup" to put your apps, settings and contents back on your device.

Restore from iCloud

Tap the "Settings" icon. Tap "iCloud" and then "Storage and Backup."

Flip the "iCloud Backup" tab to the right to turn on the feature.

Tap the "Backup Now" button to begin the process manually.

Click on the "Settings" button. Choose "General" and then "Reset." Tap the "Erase All Contents and Settings" option. Allow the process to continue.

Tap the "Restore from iCloud Backup" option on the "Set Up iPhone" screen. Wait a few minutes for everything to sync from the cloud.


  • The original iCloud backup may take a few hours. Schedule the process to take place overnight when you don't need to use your iPhone.

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