How to Recover Accidentally Deleted Programs from a DirecTV DVR

by Nathan McGinty

Since their introduction, digital video recorders have been the friends of TV afficiandos everywhere. These devices allow you to record live TV programming so you can watch it back at a more convenient date. Depending on your device's storage size, you can store entire seasons of your favorite shows. If you have a DirecTV subscription with a Tivo brand DVR, you can even recover accidentially deleted programs for watching.

Tivo with SD

Click the "Tivo Central" button on your remote.

Select "Now Playing List" and then "Recently Deleted."

Move the cursor until it highlights the program you want to undelete. Press "Select."

Highlight "Recover" on the "Deleted Program" screen and click "OK."

Select either "Keep until I delete," "Keep through," or "Don't change date" on the "Recovery Complete" screen.

Press the "Tivo Central" button. The undeleted movie will now be in the "Now Playing" list.

Tivo with HD

Press the "Tivo Central" button.

Select "My shows" and then "Recently Deleted."

Use the remote to highlight the program you want to recover and press "Select."

Select "Recover" in the "Deleted Program" screen.

Look in the "My shows" list for the deleted program.

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