How to Recover Lost Contacts on an iPhone

by David Lipscomb

You store numerous contacts with their curated details on your iPhone, but there may come a time where a file becomes corrupted or you accidentally delete a phone number. If you took the time to back up your iPhone through iTunes or iCloud, all is not lost.


Tap the "Settings" icon on your iPhone. Tap "iCloud" to examine the apps you back up to the service.

Enter your iCloud account name and password, if it is not already stored. Tap "Done."

Slide your "Contacts" tab to the left to turn it off. Tap "Keep on My iPhone."

Wait for the "Turning Off Contacts" bubble to disappear. Slide the "Contacts" tab to the right.

Tap "Merge." Allow a few seconds for the "Turning On Contacts" icon to display a check symbol and disappear.


Connect your iPhone to your computer, using the dock cable.

Once iTunes opens, right-click on your iPhone's name from the "Devices" list.

Click "Restore from Backup." Allow a few seconds for the progress bar to show completion of the task.


  • The iCloud backup process can take some time, so set your iPhone to perform the task overnight while charging.

Items you will need

  • Apple dock cable
  • Wi-Fi connection

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