How to Recover Lost Photos in a Kodak EasyShare

by David Weedmark

If you accidentally deleted the photos from your Kodak EasyShare camera, formatted the memory card by mistake or even if you have discovered too late that there are errors on the memory card, all is not lost. Several programs available online can scan a memory card or the card in a camera for lost files. Most photo recovery programs are free to download and give you a preview of the files it can recover. This means you don't have to buy the software until you're certain it can get your photos back.

Select a photo recovery program, like Yodot Photo Recovery, Photo Recovery Software or Recovery Pictures. (See Resources for some links.) Install the recovery software.

Connect the Kodak EasyShare to your computer or insert its SD or SDHC card to a card reader attached to your computer.

Launch the photo recovery software. Programs like Photo Recovery Software will prompt you to select a media type, while others may do a scan immediately. If prompted, select "Photos" to scan for photo files and click the "Start Scan" button.

Wait for the software to scan the memory card. A list of files is displayed with previews of each file. At this point, you may be prompted for purchase if you want to recover the files.

Specify the types of files you want to recover. You may also be able to specify a sector range on the memory card to limit the scan to a specific portion of the card. This can reduce the amount of time it takes to recover the files you need, as well as reduce the time spent sorting through the files for your lost photos. If you are in doubt about which sectors to scan, scan the entire card.

Select the file types you want to recover. Most programs allow you to specify files like "PNG" or "JPG," or you may opt to recover all files.

Click the "Start Scan" button and follow the onscreen prompts to save the recovered photo files to a folder on your computer's hard drive.


  • If your memory card is damaged or otherwise corrupted, don't use that memory card to take any more photos on your camera.