How to Remove Credit Card Information From iTunes

by David Lipscomb

Every purchase you make through iTunes is linked to a credit card. Should the card be lost, stolen or expired, you need to remove the old card's information. Apple makes this process straightforward by providing navigation through your account page. Performing this simple maintenance keeps your account ready for your next iTunes Store purchase.

Open iTunes. Click on the "iTunes Store" option.

Click on "Sign In." Enter your Apple ID and password to continue.

Look under the "Apple ID Summary" header. Locate the "Payment Type" option. Click the corresponding "Edit" button.

Examine the row of credit card icons. Click on the "None" option to the right of these icons. ITunes will update and remove your credit card from your account.


  • Be sure to keep an eye on your current credit card information to prevent getting shut out of making a purchase.

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