How to Remove Google Docs Footer From Emails

by Irene A. Blake
Google offers several options to remove footers related to its document service.

Google offers several options to remove footers related to its document service.

Google Drive, formerly Google Docs, provides business owners with an option to send documents as email attachments directly from Drive. A standard Drive email footer contains a gray background, a motto and the Google logo. Depending on a Gmail user's account setup, it can also feature an extra “footer” that contains options for previewing documents in Gmail or opening them in Drive in another window. Although you can’t completely control the information displayed in Drive emails you send or receive, you can remove the standard footer before sharing with others. Additionally, you can remove the preview footer in Drive emails you receive.

Standard Footer

Click “File” in the open Drive document you want to email someone, select “Email as Attachment…,” insert your Gmail email address in the “To” field and then click “Send."

Go to your Gmail Inbox and click the subject description of the email to open it.

Click the "More" down arrow to the right of to the Reply arrow and select "Forward" on the menu.

Highlight the footer containing the text “Google Drive: create, share, and keep all your stuff in one place.” and the Google logo with your cursor. Press the “Delete” key on your keyboard to remove the text.

Place your cursor after the document attachment PDF link. Press the “Delete” key to remove the gray footer background. If you've removed the standard footer to replace it with one customized for your company, access your custom footer, copy it and then paste it into the email.

Enter a recipient email address in the “To” field, write a note in the body of the email and then click the “Send” button to share the attached document.

Preview Footer

Click the button labeled with a gear and arrow in your Gmail Inbox to reveal the Settings menu.

Select the “Settings” option on the menu to display the Settings screen.

Click the “Labs” link to display the Gmail Labs: Some Crazy Experimental Stuff screen.

Type “Google Docs” in the search field to narrow the Labs list automatically to display labs that feature names or descriptions that contain the words “Google Docs.”

Select the Google Docs Previews In Mail lab “Disable” button to turn off the preview footer feature.

Go to the bottom of the Labs list. Click the “Save Changes” button to save the new setting and return to your Gmail Inbox.


  • Google currently doesn't offer an options to remove the standard footer using Drive account settings.
  • Information in this article applies to Google Drive, Google Docs Previews In Mail, and Gmail as of November 2012. It may vary slightly or significantly with other versions or products.

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