How to Remove Write Protection on a Sony Handycam

by Nathan McGinty

Sony's popular line of Handycam cameras feature internal hard drives for storing data, but also have slots for smart cards to make data transfer even easier. However, you may sometimes be unable to delete videos on your Sony's smart card because the write protection has been activated. Remove the write protection from files by either accessing your smart card through a computer, or by verifying that the write protection switch isn't set to the wrong position.

Removing Write Protection From a File

Turn off your Sony Handycam.

Open the memory card slot. On most Sony Handycam models, such as the DCR-SR35E, open the viewfinder to access the memory card slot.

Press on the card gently to eject it from the Handycam.

Insert the card into a computer with a card slot or reader.

Click "Cancel" when the AutoPlay window pops open; however, before closing the window, make a note of the name of the card displayed at the top of the dialog box.

Click "Start," followed by "Computer." Look for your SD card, which is identified as a removable disk, and then click on the card to open it.

Right-click on a file that you are trying to delete, and then select "Properties" from the context menu.

Locate the Attributes section, and then clear the "Read-only" box if it is checked. Click "OK."

Removing Write Protection on the Card

Turn off the Sony Handycam.

Open the memory stick slot and eject the disc by pressing on it.

Check that the lock switch is set to the "unlocked" position. Slide the card back into the Sony Handycam and secure the door.

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