How to Renew MagicJack

by Ken Burnside

MagicJack is a hardware-driven voice over Internet protocol, or VoIP, service that offers the hardware for free, lets you use your existing telephones and gives a free trial period. Once the free trial period ends, you have the option of renewing the service by paying an annual fee for unlimited calls for a year. It is also possible to renew MagicJack for longer periods of time, such as three or five years. MagicJack renewals can only be done over the Internet.

Log in to your account at the MagicJack Account management site (see Resources). You'll be prompted to enter your telephone number and password for your account. The "Remind me by email" link can help you reset your credentials if you don't remember them.

Click the "Customer Care" link and choose "Extend Your License."

Select the number of years you want to add to your account. The price per year drops as you add more years to the listing. You may also check a box for "Automatic Renewal," which will have MagicJack automatically charge you the going rate for the term you selected whenever your account is up for a renewal.

Enter your credit card information in the fields provided.

Complete your billing address and zip code.


  • If you choose the automatic renewal method, MagicJack may request from your financial institution updates of your account information.
  • You can disable at any time the automatic renewal process by going to the MagicJack website.
  • New users are entitled to a 30-day refund for the service and the device. However, users will be responsible for any taxes, fees or charges.


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