How to Replace a Remote Control for a Magnavox TV

by Jeff Grundy

Before being acquired by Philips in 1974, Magnavox already had a longstanding reputation as one of the premier television makers in America. Magnavox introduced some of the first TV remote controls in the later 1960s and early 1970s and continues to offer remotes with virtually all of their TVs today. A Magnavox remote can control not only the television, but also devices connected to the TV such as cable boxes, DVD players and VCRs. If you lose the remote for your Magnavox TV, or if you just need a remote with features like larger buttons or backlighting, you can replace the remote without much effort as long as you know the model number of your television set.

Inspect the current remote control if you still have it and locate the Phillips Magnavox part number or model number. On some Magnavox remotes, the model number might be on the front at the bottom of the device. However, virtually all Phillips or Magnavox remotes have a label or sticker inside the battery compartment or on the inside of the compartment cover that lists the model number for the control as well as its replacement or reorder part number. If you don’t have the remote control, because you lost or misplaced it, you may be able to find the part number for it in the user guide or owners manual for the TV.

Locate the TV model number on the rear of the set. While the TV may have a series number or other type of number of the front, the actual model number of the set is on the back of the set. There should be a label or plate on the TV displaying the set's serial number and full model number.

Open a Web browser and navigate to the Philips Parts and Accessories Online Store (link in Resources). Enter the model or part number for your remote control or television into the "Enter the Product Model #" or "Enter Part #" field as is applicable, and then click the "Search" button. After a few seconds, a list of accessories and components compatible with your TV appears on the screen.

Scroll down to the section on the search results page labeled "Remotes". Read the descriptions for the remotes listed as compatible with your TV and click the link of one that interests you. A new tab or window appears with a picture of the remote and a more detailed description of its features.

Click the links of other compatible remotes on the search results page to determine which one best suits your needs and offers the features you need. Alternatively, select the link for the remote model that is an exact match for your previous model.

Click the "Add to Cart" button under the link of the remote control model you want to purchase. A new page appears in your browser displaying details page for the remote again. Leave the "Qty" field value at "1" unless you want to buy more than one remote. Click the "Add to Cart" button again.

Click the "Checkout" button, then follow the onscreen instructions to enter your billing and shipping information. Click the "Order Now" button after you enter the required information to submit the order. If there is no problem with your credit card or billing information, you should receive an order confirmation email within a few minutes of submitting the order. Depending on the shipping method you selected, you should receive the new remote within a few days.


  • If you don’t want to order a remote online and don’t need an exact replacement of the original remote, you can purchase a universal remote made by another manufacturers. Retailers like Radio Shack carry many models of remotes that will work with your Magnavox TV and any devices connected to it.
  • When shopping for a universal remote, review the list of compatible manufacturers and models to ensure the remote will control your Magnavox TV.

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