How to Reprogram a TomTom Back to English

by Adrian Grahams

Accidentally choosing the wrong language option when you change the settings on your TomTom satellite navigation device or set up the device for the first time can leave you with on-screen menu options that are difficult to understand. Fortunately, the TomTom's touchscreen navigation system uses intuitive graphical icons that make switching the device back to the English language setting a straightforward process.

Tap anywhere on the TomTom's screen to open the main menu.

Tap the "Settings" button with the circular gears icon. On some TomTom systems this is the "Options" button, which is also denoted by a circular gears icon.

Tap the arrow at the bottom of the screen to scroll through the settings options until you see the "Change Language" button with the international flags icon.

Tap the flags icon to open the Change Language settings screen.

Tap the directional arrow buttons on the right-hand side of the screen to scroll through the list of available languages.

Tap the "English US" or "English UK" icon in the languages list to select your preferred version of English. Each language option includes a flag icon representing the country's flag in addition to the text description.

Click the "Done" button to confirm your language selection. If prompted, you can also select a voice for verbal navigation instructions from the list of available voices for your preferred language. Tap the voice to select it, then tap "Done."


  • Some TomTom devices also include a "Find" option in Step 6 that allows you to search all available languages without scrolling through the languages list on the screen. Tap the "Find" button at the bottom of the screen, then use the on-screen keypad to enter "English." The TomTom will automatically display the two English language options that you can select by tapping your preferred option.
  • If the initial setup instructions appear in the wrong language when you first install the TomTom, reset the device. On TomTom devices with the On/Off button reset function, press and hold down the "On/Off" button until you hear the start sound after about 15 seconds. On TomTom devices with the paper clip or pen reset function, press the "Reset" button with a pen, paper clip or similar blunt-tipped instrument for 15 seconds, then press the "On/Off" button.

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