How to Reset an Acer Laptop

by Jeff Grundy
Restoring your Acer laptop to factory defaults can help repair malware or virus damage when other remedies fail to resolve Windows problems.

Restoring your Acer laptop to factory defaults can help repair malware or virus damage when other remedies fail to resolve Windows problems.

Downloading and installing a Trojan or virus from the Internet is always a possibility -- even if you scan your computer frequently. Sometimes, viruses or malware can so corrupt the operating system that Windows becomes unstable or is unable to boot at all. If your Acer laptop is having problems booting into Windows, or if you simply want to erase all of your personal data and information from the system, use the Acer eRecovery utility to restore the laptop and reset its applications and settings to factory defaults.

Connect an external USB hard drive to the Acer laptop and back up any important documents, files or other personal data you want to save. Alternatively, you can burn important data to blank CD or DVD if you don’t have an external hard drive. Further, if you have a cloud or online storage account with a service such as DropBox, ADrive or SkyDrive, you can log in to the site and upload needed files there. When backing up data, back up documents and other files, but not program files since you can just reinstall them -- except setup or installation files you want to use.

Connect the AC power adapter to the Acer laptop, then disconnect any external drives or peripheral devices from the laptop.

Shut down the Acer laptop, then restart it. When you see the Acer company logo appear on the laptop LCD screen, press the left "Alt" and "F10" keys at the same time. After a few seconds, a Windows boot screen appears. Press the "Enter" key.

Click "Restore Operating System to Factory Defaults" in the eRecovery Management window. Click the "Next" button in the Notice window that warns that all information will be lost when you restore the laptop to its factory default settings.

Click the "Next" button at the Restore Destination window, then the "OK" button in the confirmation window. The eRecovery Management utility formats the Windows partition on the Acer laptop hard drive and reinstalls the operating system and original software that shipped with the notebook. A progress bar on the screen keeps you apprised of the recovery progress. Click the "Restart" button during the recovery process when prompted. The laptop recovery process takes between 10 minutes and one hour depending on the model. Your Acer laptop reboots automatically after the system restore finishes and launches the Windows First Time Setup wizard.

Follow the on-screen instructions to customize and personalize the Windows installation on the Acer laptop. Log in to Windows with the username and password you entered for the laptop during Windows Setup.

Reconnect the external USB hard drive to the laptop or insert the optical disc with the backed up data files. Open Windows Explorer on the laptop, then copy the files you backed up to the external hard drive or optical disc to the computer. Install other applications as needed, and then use your Acer laptop as you normally would. If you uploaded your data files to a cloud or storage service, download them and save them to the laptop.


  • If you reset your Acer laptop to factory default settings, all personal data and user-installed programs will be lost. Therefore, it is essential that you back up important data and files before resetting your Acer laptop back to its factory default configuration.

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