How to Reset an Apple iPhone Password

by Spanner Spencer

An important security feature of Apple's range of iOS devices -- including the iPhone -- is being able to lock all functions behind a password. Apple refers to the iPhone's password as a "passcode," and offers a selection of options on how you want to protect your device. Resetting your iPhone's passcode requires you to know its current code, after which you can assign a new one that will be required whenever the device is turned on.

Press the Sleep/Wake button to turn on your iPhone. Enter the existing passcode to unlock the device. If the passcode isn't currently active, the iPhone will unlock after sliding the "Slide to Unlock" switch to the right.

Launch the "Settings" app, tap the "General" button, then "Passcode Lock."

Enter the existing passcode when prompted. If the passcode lock is not currently active, the iPhone goes straight to the passcode lock settings page.

Tap the "Change Passcode" button and enter the existing passcode.

Type in a new passcode and then re-enter it to confirm the new code is correct. Your iPhone's passcode is now reset.


  • If the "Voice Dial" switch is set to "On" in the passcode lock's settings page, you can use your iPhone's voice dialing feature without entering the passcode. Setting the switch to "Off" requires you to unlock the iPhone before voice dialing can be used. On appropriate devices, a similar switch is also available for controlling the Siri feature when the passcode lock is active.
  • You can still make emergency calls when the passcode lock is active.
  • Activating the passcode lock on your iPhone also adds data protection to any email messages stored on your iPhone. Your passcode is used as the encryption key.
  • Increase your passcode's security by sliding the "Simple Passcode" switch to "Off" on the passcode lock's settings page. You can now add an alphanumeric passcode using more than four digits.


  • If you forget or lose the iPhone's passcode, the device must be reset to its factory default to use it again. The iPhone's content and settings are lost during the reset and can only be restored if you have previously backed them up to iTunes.

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