How to Reset the D-Link Administrator Password

by Jeff Grundy

In most cases, once you set up a D-Link router with your broadband connection, there is seldom a need to log in to the device to make changes. Nevertheless, you might need to perform certain tasks with the router occasionally, such as adding or deleting sites to your blacklist or resetting the Wi-Fi security key. Changing the default D-Link password helps to make the router and your network more secure. If you forget the password you created, you must perform a hard reset of the device and change the password and router settings back to their defaults.

Reset the Router Password to Factory Default

Power on the D-Link router if you have not already done so.

Bend a metal paper clip so that one end is straight.

Locate the small pin-sized hole on the rear of the D-Link router labeled "Reset." Insert the straight end of the metal paper clip into the hole to press the Reset button. Press and hold the metal paper clip on the reset button for about five seconds, then remove it from the hole.

Power off the router, then turn in on again. After you restart the router, its password resets to the default configured at the factory.

Changing the Default Password

Open your preferred Web browser. Type "" into the Address Bar of the browser and press "Enter." After a few seconds, the D-Link router login page appears in the browser.

Enter the default username and password for the router. For most D-Link routers, the default username is "admin." The default password for the router should be either "admin" or no password at all. Refer to the user manual for your specific model router if you are not sure of the default login credentials for the device. Press the "Enter" key or click "Login" after you enter the default username and password for the D-Link router.

Click "Tools" or "Setup" on the D-Link router's main configuration page. Type the "Password" or "Change Password" link.

Enter the default password in the "Current Password" field or leave it blank if the router has no default password. Type the new password for the router in the "New Password" field and then again in the "Confirm Password" field.

Click the "Save" or "Save Configuration" button on the browser screen. Click the "Reboot" or "Restart Router" button if prompted to do so. Wait a minute or two for the router to reset and restart. After you restart the router, log in with default username ("admin") and the password you created.

Items you will need

  • Metal paper clip

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