How to Reset a Lenovo BIOS Password

by David Clair

Lenovo is a line of desktop and laptop computers manufactured by IBM. Each model features a distinct collection of software and its own hardware configuration. Lenovo computers all use a Basic Input Output System, or BIOS, to allow basic hardware settings to be configured. A password can be assigned to the BIOS to prevent unauthorized users from making changes. The password can be changed or reset as often as needed.

Turn the Lenovo computer off. Leave it off for at least five seconds.

Press and hold the "F1" key. Turn the Lenovo computer on. Release the "F1" key when the password prompt appears.

Type the current BIOS password in the password field. Press "Enter."

Click the "Password" icon. Select "Supervisor."

Type the current password in the password field. Press the spacebar.

Type your desired new password in the field provided. To remove the password, leave the field blank.

Type the new password in the verification box. If removing the password, leave this box blank. Press "Enter."

Click "Save and Exit."

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