How to Reset a Locked Kyocera Event

by Jane Williams

Your Kyocera Event phone offers a feature that allows you to lock it from unauthorized access and keep your personal information secure. Unfortunately this lock may also prevent you from using the phone should you forget your unlock pattern, PIN or password. A hard reset will release this lock while erasing all your personal data stored on the phone's internal memory.

Power down the phone. If the Event won't react to a touch of the “Power” key, remove the battery, wait five or ten seconds and then reinsert.

Press and hold the “Power” and “Volume Down” buttons at the same time. Release the “Power” key when the Android logo appears, but keep holding the “Volume Down” key.

Release the “Volume Down” key once the recovery menu appears. Use the “Volume Down” key to navigate the recovery menu and highlight “Wipe Data.”

Press the “Power” key to confirm your choice. Confirm you want to erase all data by using the “Volume Down” key to highlight “Yes” and press the “Power” key to start reset procedures.


  • All of your personal data saved on the Event's internal memory, including contacts, photos and installed apps will be erased. Anything saved on your installed microSD card will not be affected.
  • Back up your data regularly to avoid losing important information should you need to reset in the future.

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