How to Reset the Password on a LinkSys Router

by Willa Dunn
A router provides an interface between your computers and the network.

A router provides an interface between your computers and the network.

Linksys provides an online application that enables you to manage your router settings, such as setting the security type and your password. The password supplies encrypted key access to your network to help exclude unauthorized network access. You may want to change the router password regularly to help maintain Internet security.

Launch a Web browser and type the IP address for your router in the URL address field. The default Linksys IP is “,” but see the documentation for your manufacturer or your network administrator if you do not have this information. A connection information window displays.

Type your ID and password in the window to launch the management tool. Obtain these credentials from your network administrator if necessary.

Select the “Wireless” tab and then “Wireless Security.” Type the password you want to use in the Passphrase or Shared Key field. The information presented changes based on the active security mode.

Click the “Save Settings” button to update the changes. The new password is effective for future connections to your wireless network.

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