How to Reset a Sony Bravia TV

by David Lipscomb

Sony's Bravia HX, EX and BX line of high-definition televisions offers accurate pictures with solid feature sets. Modern televisions operate using a small, built-in microprocessor that occasionally requires a reset to restore normal operation. This may be necessary if you want to reset all of your preferences, the set is unresponsive or you experience picture or sound anomalies.

With Remote

Press the "Power" button on your set's remote control. Wait a few seconds for the picture to appear.

Press and hold the up arrow on the remote control. This button is located close to the middle of the remote surrounding the "Enter" button. Simultaneously press and hold the "Power" button.

Continue to press and hold the "Power" and up-arrow buttons while the television turns itself off and then back on. Release the buttons after the set reboots.

Without a Remote

Press the "Power" button on the right side of the television. Wait a few seconds for the set to boot.

Press the "Menu" button on the right side. Press the volume-up button to scroll left.

Press the channel-down button to scroll down to the "Initial Setup" option. Press the "Menu" button twice to select and confirm this option.


  • If you need to reset a parental password but can't remember what is was, enter "4357." This is the master password for a Sony Bravia.
  • Prior to performing a reset, jot down your picture quality settings if you intend to keep them. This is especially useful if your set has been professionally calibrated.


  • Performing a factory reset will revert all settings to their defaults.

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