How to Reset a TomTom

by Adrian Grahams

Like all electronic devices that rely on a computer processor, TomTom satellite navigation devices can sometimes freeze or stop working correctly and you'll need to reset the device to get it running again. Some TomTom devices include a dedicated reset button while others offer this function with the main "On/Off" button. Before resetting the device, charge the TomTom for at least two hours to ensure the battery is at full power. After recharging the TomTom, check the underside of the device's casing for the tiny "Reset" button -- if you can't find one it means you'll need to use the "On/Off" button to perform the reset. Both reset procedures are straightforward and take less than a minute to carry out.

Reset a TomTom With the "Reset" Button

Connect the TomTom to its power supply and charge the device for at least two hours. Ensure the power indicator light is on during the recharge.

Push to release and remove the SD memory card from the slot on the underside of the TomTom device. Skip this step if your TomTom doesn't have an SD card.

Press the small "Reset" button with a straightened paperclip, toothpick or a similar implement and hold the button down for 20 seconds. The TomTom will automatically power down during the reset.

Push and hold the "On/Off" button on top of the TomTom for five seconds to power on the device and complete the reset procedure.

Reset a TomTom With the "On/Off" Button

Connect the TomTom to its power supply and charge the device for two hours.

Remove the SD card from its slot or skip this step if there's no SD card installed.

Push and hold the "On/Off" button until the device automatically powers down and restarts.

Release the button when the TomTom has powered up and the display screen is active.


  • If in doubt about the reset procedure for your TomTom model, check the device's user manual or the support section of the TomTom website (see Resources).

Items you will need

  • Paperclip or a similar thin, blunt instrument for a TomTom with a "Reset" button.


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