How to Restart a Kyocera Boost

by Randall Blackburn

Restarting or rebooting your Boost Mobile Kyocera is also known as a soft reset. If you see black or blank screens on your phone, or if you can’t close a particular app, the soft reset will exit all apps and restart all services. To perform a soft reset, simply power the phone off and back on. However, for more persistent and severe issues, a hard reset, or master reset, restores the phone to original factory settings. Boost Mobile offers two models of the Kyocera: The Kyocera Coast and the waterproof Kyocera Hydro. The master reset process differs slightly between the two models.

Kyocera Coast

Press the “OK” button to display the Coast device menu.

Tap the “Settings” option in the device menu to open the Settings menu.

Tap the “Reset/Delete” option. The pass code prompt displays. Type the lock screen pass code for your phone, if you have configured a code, and then tap “OK.”

Tap the “Reset Phone” option to delete all settings, files and data and restore original software. Tap the “Reset Settings” option if you only want to return all settings, including ringtones and display settings, to defaults. The warning message displays.

Tap the left soft key to confirm the reset.

Kyocera Hydro

Press the home-shaped key, and then tap the “Menu” option on the Kyocera Hydro home screen to display the device menu.

Tap the “System Settings” option to open the System Settings menu.

Tap the “Backup & Reset” tab, and then tap “Factory Data Reset.” The Factory Data Reset warning screen displays. Read the warning.

Tap the “Reset Phone” option to bring up the confirmation screen.

Tap “Erase Everything” to confirm the reset. Factory default settings are restored to the phone.


  • Perform a master reset to remove all of your personal data before selling or trading your phone.


  • The master reset deletes all of your files and data and restores the phone to its original state. You'll need to reconfigure your Google account, email accounts and storage accounts on the device.

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