How to Get Free Ringtones on Android

by Kammy Pow

All Android phones come with a standard set of ringtones that you can apply to phone, notification or feedback functions. After a while, you may get bored with these factory standard ringtones. As an Android user, you can change ringtones by downloading and installing free ones from the Google Play Store, previously known as the Android Market. Ringtones from the Play Store can integrate directly with the device when downloaded -- such as Zedge -- or it can exist as a standalone app -- such as Android Fun Ringtones.

Download and Install Free Ringtones from Google Play

Verify that you have a Google account. A Google account is required to download applications from the Google Play Store. If you do not have a Google account, go to the Google account website and create one. Then log in using this new ID.

Tap the "Play Store" icon on the home screen. If you do not see "Play Store", then tap "Applications" and swipe across the screens until you see the "Play Store" icon. Open the app.

Tap "Accept" to the Google Play Terms of Service if this is the first time you have accessed the application.

Tap the magnifying glass on the application's main screen. Enter "free ringtones" in the search tool and either press the magnifying glass icon or press the "Enter" key on the virtual keyboard.

Touch the desired app in the resulting list of ringtones and ringtone apps to read its specifications and reviews. Then touch "Download" to install the app. If a screen pops up to ask for application access to personal information or to alter phone settings, tap "Accept & download" to continue.

Exit the Play Store once the download completes.

Change the Existing Ringtone in Settings

Tap the menu button on the device and navigate to "Settings."

Tap "Sound" from the settings menu.

Touch "Phone" and scroll down the list to the ringtone you downloaded.

Tap the ringtone to listen to an audio sample. Tap again on the ringtone to select it.

Tap "OK" to confirm the change. Exit the "Settings" area.


  • You must launch certain ringtone apps, such as AppBrain's Android Fun Ringtones, in order to change ringtones. Open the app and select a ringtone from the list. This brings up a menu that allows you to set the ringtone for the particular purpose: default call ringtone, notification or alarm ringtone.

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