How to Run BlackBerry Messenger Over WiFi

by Matthew Burley

Many BlackBerry devices include hardware that allows you to connect them to cellular and Wi-Fi connections. The presence of this dual connection means that users can take advantage of more powerful Wi-Fi connections to improve their phone's performance, while simultaneously saving data usage for times when a Wi-Fi connection isn't available. BlackBerry Messenger is one of the services that can use a Wi-Fi connection, thereby allowing BlackBerry users to communicate with each other when a cellular network is not available.

Contact your cellular provider and verify that you have a BlackBerry data plan for your phone. Using BlackBerry Messenger requires a "service book" that is only accessible when the BlackBerry has a data plan.

Click the "Setup" folder from your BlackBerry home screen.

Select the "Set Up Wi-Fi" option.

Select the "Manually Add Network" option. If you do not know the name of the Wi-Fi network that you are attempting to connect to, select the "Scan for Networks" option.

Enter the name of the network (if you selected Manually Add Network), or select the network from the list (if you selected Scan for Networks), then choose "Add."

Enter the security pass-phrase for the Wi-Fi network, then choose "Connect."

Select the "BlackBerry Messenger" icon from your home screen, then choose a BlackBerry Messenger contact and send them a message. Note that you will also be able to receive messages while connected to the Wi-Fi network.


  • If you are in a different country and have your BlackBerry, you can connect to a Wi-Fi connection and use the BlackBerry Messenger service to stay in contact with other BlackBerry Messenger users without needing to pay for any international data usage.

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