How to Run Norton Antivirus From the Command Prompt

by Melissa King

Norton Anti-Virus blasts malicious software that attempts to infect your computer. If a virus slips through the cracks, though, it may disable certain parts of the program. A virus can prevent the main Norton window from opening, for example. If you're having trouble opening Norton Anti-Virus normally, run a scan through the Windows command prompt. You can run a full system check or choose specific files, folders or drives to scan.

Right-click the bottom-left corner of the Windows "Start" screen, and select "Command Prompt" or "Command Prompt (Admin)."

Enter "\Program Files\Norton AntiVirus\Engine\version\NAVW32" (with quotes) at the command prompt. Change "version" to the version number of your Norton program.

Type "/A" after the above command to scan all drives, or type "/QUICK" (both without quotes) to run a quick scan of the computer. For example, to run a complete scan, you would enter: "\Program Files\Norton AntiVirus\Engine\version\NAVW32" /A Press "Enter" to run the scan.

Type "[file|folder|drive]" (without quotes) after the initial command to scan a specific item on your system. For example, if you want to scan the Documents folder, enter "\Program Files\Norton AntiVirus\Engine\version\NAVW32" [Documents].

Allow Norton to complete the scan. If Norton finds a threat, you will see the Threats Detected window. Select an option, such as "Fix" or "Exclude." If no threats were found, click "Finish."


  • To find the version number for your program, launch Norton Anti-Virus and click "Support" and "About Norton Product" or "Help & Support." The version number appears next to the program name.
  • Other possible commands include /? to launch Norton help, /L to scan local drives, /SESCAN to run a quick scan in the background or /SE[+/-] to enable or disable a quick scan.
  • Some viruses might prevent you from running Norton through the command prompt.


  • This article applies to Norton Anti-Virus 2013 and Windows 8.


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