How to Screenshot on the LG Marquee

by Randall Blackburn

The LG Marquee is the LG Optimus Black re-branded for Sprint and a few other carriers. You can take a screenshot on most models of the LG Optimus, including the LG Marquee, by pressing a combination of keys on the device. You may need to apply the latest Android update to enable screenshot functionality on the device. The Marquee is shipped with Android 2.3 installed by default, but Android 2.3.3 is required to enable screenshots. Update to the latest version of Android available for your phone to obtain the upgrade.

Android OS Update

Press the “Menu” key to open the device menu, then tap the “Settings” option to launch the Settings app.

Tap the “About Phone” tab in the Settings menu to open the About Phone screen. Check the version of Android currently installed in the Version section of the screen. If your version is 2.3 or below, proceed to check for a software update.

Tap “System Updates,” then tap “Update LG Software.” If your carrier has made the update available, follow the onscreen prompts to download and apply the upgrade. If no update is available, the message “Your System is Currently Up to Date” displays on the screen.

Tap the “Home” key to return to the home screen.

Capture Screenshot

Open the screen you wish to capture with a screenshot on the LG Marquee.

Press and hold the “Power” key.

Press the “Home” button while holding the “Power” key. The shutter click sounds and a quick flash animation appears on the screen. The image of the screen is captured and saved in the Gallery app.


  • Screenshots are saved in the Captured Images folder in the Gallery app.

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