How to Search Verizon Wireless Cell Phone Numbers

by Serena DeLorenzo, studioD

You can search for just about any cellphone number on the Internet using a variety of services. Most numbers can be searched successfully using a free Internet-based service such as or If you are unable to search for a number using a free site, you can submit it to a website that charge a moderate fee for the service. Telephone numbers from a well-known mobile provider like Verizon Wireless are generally easier to search for than lesser-known brands.

Searching on Verizon's Website

Step 1

Open a Web browser and navigate to the Verizon Reverse Lookup Web page (see Resources).

Step 2

Type the cellphone number you want to search for in the open field labeled "Reverse Number Lookup."

Step 3

Click the button marked with a picture of an arrow. A new page will open up with your search information. The page will display basic geographical information. If you need more in-depth information, you will need to search an additional website.

For In-Depth Results

Step 1

Open a Web browser and navigate to

Step 2

Type the Verizon cellphone number you want to search for into the field marked "US Cell Phone Number Carrier Info --- Area Code and Phone Number."

Step 3

Click the "Search for Carrier" button. A new page will open up with all of the information related to that number, including the owner's information and the cellphone carrier.


  • If you are searching an unlisted Verizon number you will need to use a fee-based service such as,, or

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