How to Find the Security Key for Your Internet Network

by David Lipscomb

The security key on your router is necessary to join your network. Although many devices remember the key, preventing the need to reenter it every time, knowing its location is useful when adding new devices or network users. Locate your WEP, WPA or WPA2 key on your router or through select utilities on a computer on your network.

Control Panel Access

Locate your network key from your computer. Click on the "Start" orb.

Click "Control Panel" and then "Network and Internet."

Click "Network and Sharing Center," followed by "Manage Wireless Networks."

Right-click on the name of your network and click "Properties."

Click on the "Show Characters" box to remove the icons used to conceal the key. Jot down your key for future reference.

Via Router Access

Open your Web browser and enter "" or "" in the address bar to gain access to your router's settings.

Enter your user name as "admin" if you have not changed it from the default. Other possible options include "administrator" or leaving the field blank.

Enter your password in the next field. If you haven't created your own defaults, try "password" or leave a blank field.

Locate the "Wireless Settings," Wireless Status" or "Edit Settings" button. Reenter your password if prompted. If your router says "Use Default Encryption Key" but doesn't list the number, look on a sticker on your router for the key.

Jot down your wireless number and keep it on your wallet or in your phone's notepad section for quick access. Save your changes and exit.


  • Use WPA or WPA2 security whenever possible. WEP is usually the default, but is significantly easier to crack that WPA options.

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