How to Sell Your Jewelry Online

by Aaron Charles

There are plenty of ways to sell your jewelry online without going into the drama and excitement of creating your own website. Between e-commerce, craft and classifieds sites, as well as online dealers in jewelry and precious metals, the Web has already formed various jewelry-selling niches for you to get comfortable in -- while making some quick cash or even regular income.

Metal Dealers

There are various gold and silver dealers online who'll get you registered on their websites and then provide you with a way to mail in your gold or silver jewelry to one of their locations. The dealer will evaluate your jewelry and the quality of the metal, weigh it, make you an offer and then send you a payment. However, if you have any sentimental value attached to your jewelry and your wish is that someone will continue the legacy of enjoying its precious worth, this option isn't for you. These dealers melt the metal and turn them into bars to be traded and perhaps melted down again.

E-Commerce Sites

The e-commerce powerhouses of today are also viable options for selling your jewelry. For example, eBay claims on its website that millions go to the eBay site looking for jewelry of all kinds. Evidently there's some truth to that, as eBay has invested time and effort to make the eBay Jewelry Selling Guide (link in Resources). Additionally, you could possibly sell on Amazon, although it's noticeably more of a difficult process than selling jewelry on eBay. First, you can only sell new jewelry on Amazon; second, you have to qualify first -- you can't start selling jewelry immediately. In fact, as of August 2013 Amazon isn't currently reviewing applications to sell jewelry, although you can request to be notified when they'll review applications again (link in Resources).

Handmade Jewelry

If you make your own jewelry that you want to sell, eBay could work for you. However, one of the go-to sites for selling handmade jewelry is Etsy. On Etsy, you have a sales platform that draws shoppers not only looking for handmade items -- such as jewelry -- but also vintage products, which are items at least 20 years old, according to Etsy. In addition to Etsy, there are other online platforms dedicated to selling handmade products, including Shopify and Made It Myself (links in Resources).

Online Classifieds

Online classifed sites like Craigslist, Backpage and eBay Classifieds are sort of hybrids when it comes to selling online. You attract attention online and then you deal locally, usually face-to-face. All of these sites have sections dedicated to jewelry. So if you want to sell online but prefer to deal locally and not have to deal with shipping, these sites could be for you. However, you might also find success by connecting online with consignment shops that specialize in selling jewelry, in which case you don't have to do anything, really, except hand over your jewelry to the consignment shop and give a percentage of any jewelry sales.

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