How to Send a Picture Text to a Verizon Customer From My iPhone

by Lynn Burbeck

Picture texts are a fun way to stay in touch with friends and family members and to share funny or special moments as they occur. The iPhone makes it simple for users to snap photos and send them to individuals either as a text message or an email. The person accepting the message must have a device capable of receiving picture messages as well as a phone plan that includes texting. Prior to sending a picture message, you may want to ask the recipient if they can accept picture texts and whether it costs them additional fees on their monthly phone bill.

Select a picture from your photo library or snap a new picture with your iPhone's camera.

Tap the photo you want to send as a text message to bring it up on your iPhone screen. You will find all of your phone's photos stored in the photo albums.

Press the icon in the bottom left corner of the picture to bring up the photo sharing options. From this menu, you can email the photo, send it as a text message, assign it to a contact or use it as a wallpaper. To send the photo as a text message, select the "MMS" option.

Enter the phone number of the text message recipient in the "To" field. If the person is in your iPhone contact list, you can also type in the person's name. As you begin typing in letters, you will notice a list of names popping up on the screen that closely match your search criteria. Press the name to select it and add that person to the text message recipient list. You can select more than one name, or enter more than one phone number if you want to send the image to multiple people.

Add text underneath the photo if you want to include a message with your photo. This step is optional, but a keyboard is available on the screen for users who wish to add text.

Press "Send" to complete your message and send it to the selected recipients.


  • If you know that you are taking the picture for the purpose of sending it in a text message, you can both capture the photo and send the message directly in the text messaging area. A small camera icon in the bottom left of the text message area will open the camera function automatically.

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