How to Send Free SMS Text Messages From an iPhone & an iPod Touch

by Danielle Fernandez

Many service providers require you to either purchase a bundle of text messages or unlimited monthly text messaging -- but you don't need cellular service to use SMS and MMS text messaging on your iPhone or iPod Touch. The built-in Messages app -- as well as a number of third-party app solutions -- enable free text messaging that is implemented over Wi-Fi on your iOS mobile device.

The Messages App

As long as you are texting a user on another iOS device or a Mac with iMessage installed, you can use the Messages app and send an unlimited number of free text messages over Wi-Fi. When you own more than one Apple device, the app also syncs your iMessage conversations over all devices. Worth noting, however, is that sending messages to other mobile phones does require a cellular network connection.

Third-Party App Solution

A third-party text messaging app, on the other hand, also doesn't require a cellular connection, and can be used to communicate via text message with non-iOS cellular users. Text Plus, for example, gives you a free phone number that can be used to call or text message any U.S. or Canadian mobile number as well as any Text Plus user in the world -- all for free. Apps offering similar free texting -- as well as IM and voice calling features -- include Google Voice and TextMe.

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