How to Send Texts to Sprint Nextel Phones From the Computer

by C. Taylor, studioD

Detractors of text messaging often cite that a phone call is quicker and more convenient, but text messaging offers the advantage of discretion, usability in loud environments and avoidance of long-winded voice calls. Text messaging from your phone is convenient, but if you're by your computer or have a limited number of texts, you can send your text messages to a Sprint or Nextel number via email.

Log into your email account as you normally would and click to compose a new message.

Address the email to the 10-digit phone number, followed by the suffice "" or "," depending on the service. As an example, you could send to "" or ""

Enter a subject and the text in the body of the message. Try to keep the message short, since the recipient will ultimately receive it via text.

Click "Send" to send your email via text message.


  • If you are uncertain which suffix to use, you can address the message to both without fear of someone else receiving the message. The phone number is a unique identifier, so the incorrect carrier extension will just get lost or bounce back.

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