How to Set Up Microsoft Exchange Accounts on an iPad

by Kammy Pow

Most corporate iPad users would like to access their email, calendars and global contacts stored on work email exchange systems like Microsoft Exchange server and the iPad provides the capabilities for this multitasking. As of iOS 5.1, users can configure Exchange ActiveSync connectivity to access multiple Exchange accounts. The iPad supports IMAP, POP4 and LDAP directory services, as well as allowing access to email sub-folders in addition to the Inbox. As you get ready to set up your ActiveSync link, you'll need a few pieces of information from your IT department, such as server name, username and password information.

Press the "Home" button to go to the home screen, and then tap "Settings."

Go to "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" and tap "Add Account..." Select Microsoft Exchange.

Enter your Microsoft Exchange work email address, username and password information in the Exchange window. Enter the optional email account domain name if you have it available. Finally, enter a description for this email account (e.g., "Exchange account" or "Work Email") and then tap "Next." The iPad will now attempt to verify the server's settings.

Enter the Exchange ActiveSync server name if server verification fails. The server name should be the same as the POP server name if setting up the account in iOS3 3.xx or variations on "" or "" in later iOS versions. Ask your IT department administrator for the correct name and settings. Tap "Next."

Select the contents to sync. Mail, contacts and calendar syncing default to "ON." Tap "Save" to keep configuration changes and tap "Done" to complete email set up.

Tap on the entry for the Exchange account and then tap "Mail Days to Sync" to configure the sync frequency of your Microsoft Exchange account.

Tap "Return" to go back to the mail screen under "Settings."


  • The sync process with the Exchange server may take several minutes to complete.
  • Keep personal and work email as separate accounts.


  • Before you begin, update the iTunes software on your computer to the latest version and create a backup of the iPad's contents.
  • Also, not all Microsoft Exchange-based employers will grant employees access to Exchange mobile email accounts without a third-party messaging and email client. Check with your employer's IT department to verify its policies and procedures governing email access.

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  • Microsoft Exchange server name

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