How to Set Up Voice Mail on the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S II

by Stacey Anderson

Verizon includes basic voice mail on all new wireless service plans. Setting up voice mail is easy using its Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone. With a few simple settings, your personalized mailbox is set up and ready to receive those important voice messages.

Select the green “Phone” key from the application list. If you do not see the Samsung Galaxy II S application list, select the “Home” key, found on the left below the idle screen.

Dial *86 using the touch-screen keypad and press “Send.” Alternatively, press and hold the number “1.” If you are outside the Verizon service area, dial the 10-digit mobile-phone number.

Enter the default password, followed by the "#" key at the verbal prompt. The default password is the last 4 digits of the Samsung Galaxy II S phone number.

Set up a new four- to eight-digit password by following the verbal prompts. For security reasons, do not use part of your Samsung Galaxy II S phone number or any other easily guessed number.

Record your name, personal greeting and busy greeting by following the verbal prompts.


  • To confirm activation of voice mail on the wireless account, sign in to the My Verizon website. Select "My Plan" and then select "Add/change Features."
  • If the voice-mail notification icon doesn't appear on your phone, dial *86 and enter the password. At the main menu, press "4" for Personal Options and then "1" to turn the message indicator on or off.


  • It is important to set up your voice-mail box within 45 days of activating a wireless account. Otherwise, Verizon will cancel the voice-mail service. Log in to the My Verizon website to reactivate this service.

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