How to Set Up Wireless Printing With a SonicWall TZ 100

by Ruri Ranbe

The SonicWALL TZ 100 uses address objects to define and differentiate between entities on the network. The TZ 100 separates address objects into four different types. Objects with the "host" classification tell the firewall on which interface the client resides ("WLAN" for a wireless printer) and where it can locate the client on the network -- its IP address, in other words. To set up a wireless printer for use with your network, create a host address object for the device and then configure a new rule in the access controls to allow the printer through the firewall.

Browse to "" (without the quotations) from a browser. Enter your administrative credentials to log in to the TZ 100.

Select "Network," then "Address Objects" from the main menu and then set "View Style" to "Custom Address Objects."

Click "Add" under Address Objects and then enter the name of the printer into the "Name" field.

Select "WLAN" from the "Zone Assignment" drop-down menu, enter the address of the printer into the "IP Address" field and then click "Add."

Select "Firewall," then "Access Rules" from the main menu and then set "View Style" to "Matrix."

Select from the table the option to show policies from WLAN to LAN and then click the "Add" button.

Set "Action" to "Allow," select "Any" from the "Service" and "Source" drop-down menus.

Select the address object for the printer from the "Destination" drop-down menu and then click "Add" to allow the printer on the network.

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