How to Set Up Wireless on a Toshiba Tecra

by Tyson Cliffton

Toshiba's line of Tecra laptops feature hot-key functionality, allowing you to toggle wireless connectivity on and off by pressing a combination of keys. Leaving the wireless feature turned off when you are not using it can prolong battery life on business trips, and when you do need wireless connectivity, you can switch it on effortlessly. Once enabled, you can use Windows' built-in wireless network finder to locate networks in your range.

Press the "Fn" and "F8" keys simultaneously. A small icon appears on your computer screen that displays "Wireless" at the top and "ON" or "OFF" below. Continue pressing "Fn" and "F8" together until "ON" appears at the bottom of the icon to enable the wireless functionality on your computer.

Click the "Network" icon in the computer's notification area, in the lower right corner of the screen, near the clock. A window opens displaying a list of available wireless connections.

Click the name of the wireless network to which you wish to connect. The options available for that network appear under the name of the network.

Click the check box to the left of "Connect automatically" to connect to that network whenever wireless is enabled on the computer and you are within range of the network.

Click "Connect," which appears to the right of the network name. Enter a network password, if prompted. After the connection is established, the word "Connected" appears to the right of the network to which you are currently connected.

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