How to Setup a Time Warner Cable Universal Remote Control for a Philips TV

by Aaron Ratliff

A Time Warner universal remote is capable of controlling only a Time Warner cable box when first installed. For the remote to control the basic functions of your Phillips television, you must properly program it so it knows how to communicate with your specific brand of television. Programming your Time Warner universal remote will make controlling your cable and TV components seamless.

Press the "TV" and "Select" buttons on your Time Warner universal remote simultaneously until the indicator light blinks twice. Point the remote away from your television and cable box while doing this.

Enter "068" into the remote using the numbered keypad. The indicator light on the remote blinks twice signaling that the remote was successfully programmed.

Point the remote toward your television while pressing the "Power" button to ensure that the remote is functioning properly. Also test the volume and channel functions. If your remote isn't controlling your television, repeat the steps.


  • Phillip televisions use only one program code to work with universal remotes. If the code listed doesn't successfully program your remote, contact Time Warner customer service.

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