Why Should I Join Someone's Facebook Fan Page?

by Daniel Trump

While your timeline serves as your personal Facebook profile, businesses, organizations and brands ranging from restaurants to the latest movies have Facebook Pages. Pages allow groups or persons of interest to interact with their fans and keep them up-to-date. Rather than joining a Page as you would a Facebook Group, you hit the “Like” button to like -- or become a fan of -- Pages. Before you like a Page, know why you're joining and the impact of "Liking" the Facebook Page.

To Stay Updated

The chief reason for “Liking” a Facebook page is to stay up-to-date on the Page's goings-on. “Liking” a Page essentially makes you a follower of whatever that Page represents, so you should be a fan of the group, business, organization or public figure in the real world before you like them on Facebook. Once you like a Page, you'll get notifications from that Page on your Facebook news feed, including status updates, shared content and new photos or media. To make sure you're getting the most notifications from a Page you like, visit that page and hover over the “Liked” button. When the menu appears, select “Get Notifications.”

To Express Yourself

Pages can help you express your personality or fandom on your personal timeline. After you like a Page, it shows up on your Timeline under the “Likes” tab. When people view your timeline, they see what you like, whether a movie, music group, book, video game, business or public figure. This information paints a picture of your varied interests.

To Participate

Facebook considers Pages public spaces, so you don't have to like them to post on their timelines, comment on their photos or even send messages to their administrators, providing the Page administrators have allowed these options. However, because you receive notifications from the Page on your news Feed, your level of interactivity increases. For instance, when a Page posts a new photo, you'll get a notification and can click on that photo right from your news feed instead of having to visit the Page.

Why Not?

If you don't care to be updated on the latest info from the Page or you don't want the Page to appear under your list of likes, don't click the "Like" button on the Fan Page, just check it whenever your on Facebook. If you still want to follow the Page but want to cut back on the number of notifications on your timeline, hover over a notification from that Page on your news feed and click on the arrow that appears. From the menu, select “Hide” and then click “Hide all stories from [name of the Page].” You'll still count among their “Likes,” but you won't receive any further notifications. If you decide you no longer want to be a fan, opt out at any time by visiting the Page, hovering over the “Liked” button and selecting “Unlike” from the menu that appears.

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