How to Get Silverlight to Work With Netflix

by Todd Bowerman

While your Netflix subscription gives you access to thousands of movie and show titles via the service’s instant streaming feature, you cannot play these videos unless you have installed the Microsoft Silverlight plugin for your browser. To ensure smooth streaming for all of your Netflix movies and shows, update your browser to the latest version and close all open programs before installing Silverlight.

Update Your Browser

Whenever you install new browser software, it is a good idea to update your browser to its most recent version. This ensures maximum compatibility with the plugin you are installing. Visit the official website for your browser, and then download the most recent release. Up-to-date browsers are more secure, faster and more responsive when it comes to working with new applications.

Close all Open Applications

As with any installation, it’s important to close as many open programs as you can to ensure there are no complications while getting Silverlight up and running. If you use a browser that supports tabs, close all of your extra tabs to simplify the environment into which Silverlight will be launching. Save your work in all open apps and shut them down before starting the install.

Log In to Netflix

Navigate to the official Netflix website, click the “Sign In” button, enter your email and password, and then click the “Continue” button. Once signed in, pick any movie or television show from your queue or the Netflix categories lists. Instead of the movie or show launching, however, you are taken to the Silverlight install page.

Install Silverlight

If you use Internet Explorer, click “Install Now," select “Save File,” choose “Run,” and then click “Install Now.” Close and reopen Internet Explorer to finish the installation. On Firefox, click “Install Now,” followed by “Save File,” and then double-click “Silverlight.exe” in the downloads window. Click “Install Now,” and then close and re-open your browser. On Chrome, click “Install Now,” select “Silverlight.exe” from the downloads bar, click “Run,” and then click “Install Now.” Once the install completes, close and open the browser to apply the changes.

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