What Is the Sony Bravia External Module?

by David Lipscomb

Sony is well-known for its award-winning televisions. The Sony Bravia units offer a series of modules, attaching to the rear of the television, to add considerable functionality. Each module serves to increase available space on your equipment rack by offering DVD playback, media streaming capabilities and increased HDMI inputs. Sony's DMex technology enables these devices to interface directly with compatible Bravia televisions, effectively becoming extensions of the set. Each device interfaces with your television's Xross Media Bar, seamlessly integrating with the set's menu system.


This unit enables streaming of Web-based content from YouTube and Sports Illustrated.com, and Web surfing via the Yahoo search engine. The unit, like all Bravia modules, mounts to the back of the set or using the freestanding mount included with the device. The DMX-NV1 connects to the set using the proprietary DMex protocol on select televisions, and includes an HDMI passthrough. Content is accessed via Ethernet over your broadband Internet connection.


This wireless module allows up to four 1080i HDMI and one of your component video sources to connect to a single sending unit. Using 5 gigahertz wireless technology, these sources route up to 65 feet to a receiving unit mounted next to or directly to the back of the Bravia television. In addition to offering wireless connectivity, each connected device may be controlled by the Bravia television's remote control.


The slim-line DMX-DVD player mounts the side of your Bravia set for easy side access. Upscaling each DVD to 1080p, this unit eliminates the need in most cases for a second player in your equipment rack. This unit offers playback memory for up to six DVDs, recalling where you left off last time. The player handles most blank media as well, including CD and DVD writable and rewritable discs.


For those who run HDMI-based sources directly to the back of the set rather than through a switch or home theater receiver, the DMX-SW1 adds five HDMI inputs to your set. The unit, like all of the modules mounts to the rear of the set, sends audio and video to the television via HDMI passthrough. The DMX-SW1 handles full 1080p video resolution, so no source is limited in quality by using the device.

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