How to Sort Music on an iPod

by Benjamin Aries

The Apple iPod music player can hold thousands of songs and many different playlists. By default, all songs are sorted based on the artist name, and iPod devices do not allow the user to easily customize this sort order. However, the Apple iTunes software program on your computer can sort music into custom playlists and rearrange the play order of playlists and albums. The custom-sorted music can then be loaded on the music player.

Launch the Apple iTunes software on your computer. Select the music library near the top of the iTunes navigation panel to display all the music in your iTunes library.

Click the "+" icon at the bottom of the navigation panel to create a new playlist. Type a name for the new playlist. Hold down the "Control" button and select the songs in the music library to add to the playlist. Drag the selected items to the new playlist.

Click on the playlist name to display the music it contains in the main iTunes window. Press the column marked "Name" to alphabetically sort all the playlist songs according to their titles. Alternately, click "Artist," "Genre," or "Album" to sort based on that category.

Click in the far left column that is numbered according to how the music appears in the playlist. Select the number of an individual song and drag it up or down to manually change its position on the list. When you are satisfied with the sort order of the music, connect the iPod to the computer.

Select your iPod from under Devices in the iTunes navigation panel. Click the "Summary" tab at the top of the main iTunes window. Place a check mark next to "Manually manage music and videos." Drag the newly created and sorted playlist to the iPod name. The playlist loads onto the iPod and retains the chosen sort order.

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