Will a Tomtom GPS Keep Past Locations?

by Adrian Grahams

One useful feature of the TomTom is that it stores past locations that you can access from the "Recent Destinations" option on the touch-screen menu so that you don't have to keep entering the same address each time you want to travel to a place you visited recently. The TomTom allows you to save favorite locations from the recent destinations list. You can set a home location to calculate the quickest route home at the touch of a button. When you first navigate to a location with your TomTom, you need to enter the address or coordinates of the location so that the unit can calculate the optimal route.

About TomTom Locations Data

All TomTom navigation devices include a locations file that contains a list of recent journey destinations, your home address and the details of the last journey you made. Most TomToms store this information on an internal hard drive or an SD or microSD card that slots into a port on the underside of the device. However your TomTom model stores this device, you can access this information and use it to navigate to recent locations from the TomTom's main menu.

Recent Destinations Feature

The TomTom automatically stores the destination locations for all your recent journeys and retains these so that you can use them in the future. To access the recent destinations list, tap anywhere on the TomTom screen to launch the main menu screen. Touch the "Navigate to" icon to open the navigation menu, then tap "Recent Destinations" to view a comprehensive list of your recent journey destinations. The TomTom displays the destinations with the most recent at the top of the screen. Access older destinations by scrolling through the screen with the "Down" button. To navigate to one of your recent destinations, tap the destination on the list and the TomTom calculates the route. Tap the "Done" button to start navigation.

Creating a Favorite Location From a Recent Destination

The TomTom retains the recent destinations list until you update the device or install a new map with the TomTom Home software on your computer. One way to retain the useful information in the recent destinations list is to save the destinations you visit most often as a favorite location. From the TomTom main menu screen, tap the "Add Favorite" icon to open the Favorite screen. You can now add a recent destination as a permanent favorite location by tapping the "Recent Destinations" icon and selecting a destination from the list. Access your favorites list with the "Navigate to" option on the main menu screen.

Setting a Home Location

One way of saving time is to set a permanent home location for your TomTom because this is the location you're likely to visit most often. The home location doesn't have to be your actual residential address, you can also set it as your office address if you use the TomTom mostly for business travel. To set a home location, tap the "Change Preferences" icon in the main menu screen. Scroll through the settings screen with the right and left arrow buttons until you see the "Change Home Location" button. Tap to select this option, then set your home location by entering an address or selecting your current position or an item from the recent destinations list. After setting your home location, tap the "Home" button from the navigation menu screen to calculate the quickest route home from your current position.


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