Top Four Most Reliable Online Backup Services

by Chad Davis, studioD

In the event of catastrophic data loss you may regret not being prepared for the worst. It is very important that you perform regular backups of your digital files to avoid this potential data loss. In order to keep your data safe, you should consider using one of these online backup services.


Code 42 Software's CrashPlan provides free and subscription-based online backup services. CrashPlan supports file backups via network storage and external devices. CrashPlan also includes features for configuring multiple backup sets -- customizable backup sets allow you to synchronize specific files to specific machines. CrashPlan secures data across multiple servers to ensure that data is not lost in the event of hard drive malfunction or server failure. CrashPlan+ comes with a free 30-day trial which includes 10GB of online storage and no advertisements. Unlimited online storage is available for an annual fee.


Dropbox allows you to easily synchronize your local files by placing them into the "My Dropbox" folder of your computer. This folder is placed in the Documents area of your computer at the time of installation. As a result, all files in this folder are automatically synced with the Dropbox service. Versions are tracked going back 30 days and all files can be managed via the Dropbox website, making your data accessible from any Web browser. Dropbox is also available for mobile devices, including Google Android, Apple iOS, BlackBerry and Kindle Fire. Dropbox provides a free account with a storage limit of 2GB. Dropbox Pro gives you 50GB of online storage for a small monthly fee.

SOS Online Backup Home Edition

SOS Online Backup Home Edition provides you with a simple user interface for fast online backup operations. It also allows you to share, search and archive your files securely using the downloadable desktop application. SOS also provides app integration with iPhone, Android and Facebook. Versions of your files are stored offsite by SOS to ensure your data remains intact, eliminating the risk of data loss. The paid 100GB plan covers five computers for two years. The SOS Online Backup Home Edition monthly paid plan gives you 50GB for five computers.


Unlimited computers may be synced using SpiderOak's online backup service. SpiderOak is available on Android and iOS mobile devices with current development plans to include support for BlackBerry and Windows Phone. SpiderOak never deletes file version history, making it nearly impossible to lose data backed up through the service. An account with SpiderOak is completely free and gives you up to 2GB of online storage. Subscriptions to SpiderOak provide you with 100GB of online storage.

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