How to Tranfer Files From Windows Media Player to iTunes

by Andrew Smith

AAC and M4A are audio file formats that work in the iTunes software program as well as on iPods. Neither of these file formats will open in Windows Media Player. This can be a problem if you want to transfer the iTunes files onto an MP3 player that syncs with the Windows Media Player software or burn a CD using Windows Media Player. Fortunately, iTunes can be used to convert the files into a format that is compatible with Windows Media Player.

Convert Files

Open iTunes.

Click "Edit" and highlight "Preferences." A window will be opened.

Select "Import Settings" inside of the open window and a second window will appear.

Click on the drop box that is at the top of the second window. Choose "MP3 Encoder." Save the settings by clicking "OK" in both windows.

Choose "Music" on the left side of iTunes underneath "Library."

Select the iTunes file or files you're going to convert to Windows Media Player and click "Advanced." Choose "Create MP3 Version" to convert the files to a format that will open in Windows Media Player. These files will then be saved in the iTunes folder.

Transfer Files

Open Windows Media Player.

Click "File." Select "Add to Library." A window will open.

Choose "Add" inside the window. Another window will appear.

Locate and open the iTunes folder. Click on this folder and a list of different folders will appear underneath.

Select the folder with the songs you converted in the previous section to save the iTunes files in Windows Media Player. This folder will most likely be the name of the artist for the song titles.


  • To locate the iTunes folder on your computer, click "Edit" at the top of iTunes and open "Preferences." Click the "Advanced" tab and the iTunes folder location will be listed at the top of the window.

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