How to Transfer Files Between the Samsung Rugby & Your Computer

by C. Taylor, studioD

The Samsung Rugby Smart passed the military MIL-STD 810F torture test to prove its durability in extreme temperatures, harsh conditions and abusive care. Its ruggedness, coupled with a 5.0 megapixel camera, makes the Rugby Smart an ideal phone for your next adventure. When you get back, you'll probably want to transfer your newly-acquired photos to your computer for viewing, editing or sharing. Samsung makes this transfer simple with its USB cable.

Touch "Applications | Settings | Wireless and Network | USB Utilities | Connect Storage to PC" on your Samsung Rugby Smart.

Plug the larger end of the USB cable into your computer's USB port and connect the smaller end to your Rugby's bottom USB port.

Click "Open Device to View Files" from the AutoPlay menu.

Double-click "Phone" to access your Rugby's internal storage. Alternatively, if you have a microSD card installed, double-click the SD card.

Drag and drop files between the phone's storage locations and your computer to transfer them. If you want to transfer photos from the phone, find them by clicking "Phone," "DCIM" and then "Camera."

Touch "Disconnect Storage From PC" before detaching the USB cable.


  • Never disconnect the USB cable during file transfer, or you may irreparably damage the files.

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