How to Transfer Files From the Droid to My Computer

by C. Taylor

Your Motorola Droid's 16GB of internal memory and optional memory card can hold a wealth of data. When you need to get that data onto your computer, you can do so by connecting a USB cable and enabling the proper settings on your phone. This connection simultaneously grants assess to the internal memory and the installed memory card and allows drag-and-drop transfers to and from your computer.

Power on and unlock your Droid phone.

Plug the smaller end of the USB cable into the micro USB port on the left side of the Motorola Droid.

Attach the larger end of the USB cable to an available USB port on your computer. Windows 7 will automatically install the necessary drivers if this is the first time you have connected the Droid. If the Droid is not recognized, update your drivers by downloading them from the Motorola site and double-clicking the download within Windows Explorer.

Drag the top Droid notification bar down and touch "USB Connection."

Touch "USB Mass Storage" and then "OK."

Press "Win-E" on your computer keyboard and double-click the Motorola Droid's drive. If you have a memory card installed, you will see two "Mot" drives: one for the internal memory and one for the memory card. Navigate to the folder containing the files you want to transfer.

Drag and drop files to any folder on your computer to transfer files there.

Click the "Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media" icon in the Windows 7 notification area and choose to eject the Droid. You may need to click the small arrow to the left of the notification area to see the icon. Once ejected, you can disconnect the USB cable.

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